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Happy New Year!!

We are praying the New Year finds you all doing well, wherever you may be.

2021 was definitely an interesting year for us.

Lockdowns continue intermittently, as the new variants arise. 

Even with all the travel restrictions, we managed to get Jennifer back to Zimbabwe in November.  We are doing well and getting used to being in the same space again.

God is good, regardless of any pandemic.  Here are a few highlights from the mission field for 2021.

We continue to sponsor quite a few kids here locally (13 at last count) What does that mean?  We pay school fees, help with uniform costs, pay any extra fees that arise during the school year, book fees & supplies, airtime for the older kids, as a lot of their schooling is now distance learning(data is pay as you go here, no unlimited data packages!!).  When they get their report cards, they have the pleasure of not only showing their family their grades/marks – they bring them to us to review as well.  Sometimes the resulting conversation will bring a little more input than they might like, depending on how much effort they put forth.  Accountability is good, and that is not something some of them have been exposed to very much.  We are all a work in progress, and it’s a blessing to be able to assist, develop relationships and pour into them from a young age – not just financially, but to let them know they are important, smart, and they matter – to God and to man.

We have an amazing support story to share – I think you will love it and be so encouraged – I know we were and continue to be, as it is ongoing as of today!!!

We have a friend who lives out in a pretty remote location of Zimbabwe. There is no store that sold bread where they live – they would have to walk 10 kilometers (just over 6 miles) to the closest place that sold bread.  She came up with a solution – an NGODA oven – so she could bake bread/rolls and sell them right there where they live.  That would supply her with supplemental income, and the community with fresh bread.  Definitely a win-win!!  We were able to bless her with the money to purchase the oven. What an awesome thought process on her part! The NGODA oven uses wood, charcoal, cow dung, or corn cobs as a fuel source – so there is no cost for fuel!

On New Years Eve, we received a few pictures of a new venture she and her family had taken on.  With the earnings from her bread business, she was able to build a store!!!!!! (Tuckshop). It is made out of bricks, has windows, a door, roof and shelving already. She just needs to get the shop stocked.  What a blessing to be able to help not only her and her family, but indirectly it helps the community.  And not just by providing them with bread or goods from her shop – but it provides hope!  Others in her community can see it is possible to build a business and not only survive, but thrive and help others!  And she gives all the glory and honor to God for everything that has happened!

 These are only a few examples of how we are able to help in Zimbabwe – because of your support.  Please consider supporting us again, in prayer or financially.   We are always in need of regular monthly support, one time gifts, annual gifts, etc. 

Thank you so much for keeping us here.  The needs are many, and we pray for wisdom, direction and guidance as God gives us new direction in 2022.

We love you guys & hope to see you all in Zim soon!

The easiest and quickest way to help is through our website  Click on the DONATE tab at the top. Other methods listed below.  Thanks again for your love and support.



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