Hi Friends & Family!

September is quickly coming to a close – I feel like it just started!!!

Stateside, my brain goes to changing leaves and the first of cool evenings marking Fall.  Here in Zim, Spring has started – the Amaryllis are in full show, the purple blossoms of the Jacarandas are already showing off, and I am eagerly anticipating the oranges flowers of the Flamboyant tree and the beautiful displays of the Plumerias. 

The kids here are one month into their last term of the year – school year here starts in January and follows 3 months on, one month off terms.  They very much look forward to December for the end of the school year and holidays.

July saw us hosting a couple of teams from our home church, Celebration in Jacksonville.  I give all the credit to Mike for the hard work, as I was stateside at the time.

We were able to have the women’s conference – Shine – while one of the Jax teams was on the ground here in July.  This was the first gathering for a conference in 2 years!!!!  It was perfect that we had speakers from our home church to celebrate being able to gather together again!  And just for fun – Please go on Instagram and check out Anthony Crespo’s video eating fried mopani worms!!  Yes, you can go into the market at any time and buy dried mopani worms (caterpillars) to bring home and cook.  As long as they are cooked well, they aren’t bad.  A little leggy, but not bad.  I just don’t prefer the lesser done (squishy center) ones. 

August was busy with resting/regroupingafter the Shine conference, starting the planning for our 15th Anniversary conference, continued work on a literacy effort with one of our friends’organization, and making sure all our kids here have their school fees paid and are ready to start school again.

Once kids go back to school in September, if their fees are not paid – they are asked to not attend classes until everything is paid, and they are sent home.  I can’t imagine what that feels like, to be called up by the teacher and told to go home.  Unfortunately, it happens regularly.

As a church, we hosted our 15th Anniversary celebration conference from September 15 – 18 at the Cowdray Park location.  We had people coming from all over Zimbabwe, Canada, and the United States to attend – some to speak.  Two cows were bought and butchered and cooked outside over the fire for meals (along with sadza, of course!). 

The teams coming to Zim have picked up a little this year, but nothing like pre-Covid yet. 

Please keep the following in your prayers:

Economy of Zim, as inflation continues and the job market remains minimal.

Provision, faith, focus on God for the people here.  Hope is easy to lose in dire circumstances.

Open eyes for God to point us where He can use us, patience and compassion in the daily opportunities He gives us, revelation and understanding when things don’t make sense in the natural.

Please keep us lifted in prayer whenever you think of us. It makes a huge difference!

As the needs grow around us, so does our need for support.  Please consider joining our support team.  It can be a one time gift, monthly support, quarterly, annually – whatever works best for your budget! If you have any questions about supporting, or have something specific in mind, just send an email – we would love to chat!!!

The easiest and quickest way to help is through our website   www.mikepier.org  Click on the DONATE tab at the top. Other methods listed below.  Thanks again for your love and support.




    World Outreach Ministries, Inc.
    P.O. Box B
    Marietta, GA 30061
    (designate for our account)

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